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Seminar coming up in SEPTEMBER 2018:

‘Better Town Centres-by bike or foot’

Followed by a Site visit in the North-West!
Planned Seminar on Consultation: 
Apologies: this is now indefinitely POSTPONED

“Improving Consultation & Engagement: Managing change, reducing conflict”

Consultation not working?      Cyclists complaining, pedestrians moaning, disability groups all disagree?   Can consultation be more constructive and productive or is it bound to be at best a PR exercise?

At our last seminar on Accessible Infrastructure, there were several complaints about poor consultation and expensive mistakes that had been made that might have been avoided.    So for this seminar we have engaged the help of Dr Tom Cohen from University College London, where he runs courses on the subject, to lead a discussion on how things might be improved.  There will be a range of other speakers too, with full details below.

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Site visits

Location details to follow soon!


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